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I am a Senior Lecturer and coach in LSBU Business School. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and am on the University's Academic Board. I did my PhD in Pure Mathematics at Queen Mary, University of London and I carry out research in Combinatorial Optimisation.

My research is in Combinatorics - Matroid, Graph and Design Theory. I have one PhD student.

I am also Principal of LSBU Business School, Croydon campus, and am passionate about fostering relationships and collaboration amongst local businesses, students and academics.

Postgraduate Research Supervision
Mr Mohamed MehbaliSolution Approaches to the Three-index Assignment ProblemPhD

University of London

BSC (Hons) 1st class

London Metropolitan University (part time)

Research Fellow
University of South Wales

Teaching and Research

London Mathematical Society

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Generalized pentagonal geometries
Forbes, A. and Rutherford, C. G. (2021). Generalized pentagonal geometries. Journal of Combinatorial Designs.

Pancyclicity when each cycle must pass exactly k Hamilton cycle chords.
Chaouche, FA, Rutherford, CG and Whitty, R (2015). Pancyclicity when each cycle must pass exactly k Hamilton cycle chords. Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory. 35 (3), pp. 533-539.

Some results on the structure and spectra of matrix-products
Banaji, M. and Rutherford, C. G. (2015). Some results on the structure and spectra of matrix-products. Linear Algebra and Its Applications. 474, pp. 192-212.

P-matrices and signed digraphs
Banaji, M and Rutherford, CG (2010). P-matrices and signed digraphs. Discrete Mathematics. 311 (4), pp. 295-301.

Covering radii are not matroid invariants
Britz, T. and Rutherford, C. (2005). Covering radii are not matroid invariants. 296 (1), pp. 117-120.

Objective functions with redundant domains
Affif Chaouche, F., Rutherford, C. and Whitty, R. (2012). Objective functions with redundant domains. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization. 26, pp. 372-384.