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Dr Zunaib Ali

Dr Zunaib Ali

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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I am a lecturer in the Division of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, London South Bank University. I am also contributing to Innovate UK HAWKSBI project. I received my B.Sc. degree in electronic engineering from UET Peshawar, Pakistan, in 2013, my M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from COMSATS University, Pakistan, in 2015, and my Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Frederick University, Cyprus, in 2018. From 2018 to 2019, I was a research assistant in Real-Time Power Laboratory, Queen Mary University of London, for Innovative U.K. project. I have also worked as a research fellow at Northumbria University, under UKERI project.

I am a researcher with a clear vision and in-depth knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering. My research area covers the design of power electronic converter controllers and machine learning algorithms for the integration of renewable energy systems (e.g. photovoltaic, wind) and low carbon technologies (e.g. electric vehicles) to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly energy and transport systems, ultimately leading to smart grids. My knowledge and experience cover control systems, power systems, and energy management concepts with a strong theory and mathematical background together with the necessary practical skills. My work primarily includes the use of MATLAB’s SimPowerSystem/Simscape toolbox in the design of real-time controllers for grid-connected converters and microgrid applications, such as those for renewable energy systems and electric vehicles. I have good experience in developing and testing algorithms for the control of renewable energy sources and battery energy storage systems using real-time simulators (such as dSPACE, Speedgoat) and other hardware equipment (such as power converters, power amplifiers AC/DC grid emulators). Prior to my appointment at LSBU, I worked at Northumbria University under a British Council project for the development of a small-scale microgrid comprising a PV system, bi-directional converters, controllable active loads, and electric vehicle batteries. I also worked as a Research Assistant on a project funded by the Innovative UK at the Queen Mary University of London, where I worked on developing a demonstrator system delivering real-time performance data from a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle battery module using new sensors and image analysis algorithms. My research in power electronic and renewable energy systems is well cited by other researchers. According to Google Scholar, my citation score is 578, the h-index is 13, and the i-10 index is 15.

RESEARCH AREA: Analysis, design, and control of power electronics systems; Emerging power electronics (wide bandgap devices) and applications; Renewable energy systems (integration and control); Energy storage and smart energy systems; Artificial Intelligence and machine learning; Smart and microgrids and 5G/6G communications.

Prospective Ph.D. students, research assistants, and postdocs with research in the above areas are very welcome to apply for research. Active collaboration with academic institutes (Queen Mary University of London, Queen University Belfast, Northumbria University Newcastle, etc.) and industrial organizations (Otaskies Energy LTD, Neuville, etc.).

Actively participate as a reviewer for multiple journals (such as IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, MDPI Energies, etc.). Involved in organizing workshops, boot camps, and seminars.

Courses taught

Electrical and Electronic Engineering - BEng (Hons)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering - MSc

Electronic and Electrical Engineering - PhD

Mechanical Engineering - BEng (Hons)

Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering - BEng (Hons)

Electrical Power Engineering - BEng (Hons)

Postgraduate Research Supervision
Mr Ali HamzaAuto-condition monitoring of solar farm equipment for improved operational performance adopting deep-machine learningPhD
Bachelors of Science in Electronic Engineering

University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, Abbottabad Campus

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus, Pakistan

PhD in Electrical Engineering

Frederick University, Nicosia Campus, Cyprus

University of Engineering and Technology, Abbottabad Pakistan

Worked as a lecturer and researcher in the Electronic Engineering Department

1. Lecturing, setting, and facilitating tutorials, facilitation of laboratory experiments, setting and marking examinations, curriculum development, and administrative duties.

2. Taught courses related to Electronic and Electrical engineering such as Industrial Electronics (including PLCs), complex variables, power electronics, and microprocessor systems.

3. Laboratory demonstrations for electronic circuits, circuit analysis, control systems, electrical machines, PLCs-based automation course, and AVR/Atmel/PIC microprocessors/microcontrollers.

Research Assistant
Queen Mary University of London

Worked as research assistant and project leader on current density imaging in EV battery modules, funded by the Innovative UK under Faraday Challenge

1. Maintaining real-time control and power system laboratory assisting students in their experiments.

2. Production of a demonstrator system delivering real-time performance data from a battery module using flux gate sensors and image analysis algorithms.

3. Investigation of state of charge estimation techniques for Nissan Lithium-ion batteries.

4. Nissan leaf battery condition monitoring and testing using Neware battery tester.

5. Designing algorithms for extracting and analyzing the images from magnetic sensors via dSPACE rti CAN blockset and MATLAB Simulink for the possible state of charge estimation.

6. Worked with Otaski Energy Solution Ltd. for preparing project grant proposals.

7. Worked in collaboration with CD02 company (University of Sussex) and INEX microtechnology, Newcastle.

8. Research activities and dissemination of results through conferences, workshops, and journals.

Research Fellow
Northumbria University, Newcastle

Worked as a research fellow on a research project funded by British Council and UKIERI

1. Development of a university campus microgrid using several controllable and non-controllable units such as the Sunny Boy PV system, the BaSyTec bi-directional charger along with the Nissan Leaf and CALB EV batteries, the unidirectional Arbin charger, and temperature chamber.

2. Comparative performance analysis of two MGs (one in the UK and the other in India) for the evaluation of the EV battery storage, MG power converters, and control algorithms.

3. Implementation of intelligent operation of the microgrid in real-time via dSPACE 1103 digital signal processor together with CAN rti blockset, MATLAB Simulink, and dSPACE control desk.

4. Worked as project leader dealing with project and communicating with the Indian partners.

5. Served as a lab demonstrator for the basic electrical engineering modules.

Research Fellow
London South Bank University, London UK

Worked as a research fellow on a HAWKSBI project funded by Innovative UK smart grant

1. Development and demonstration of hardware platform (HAWKSBI device) combining functions: Power Quality Monitor, Phasor Measurement Unit, and Sampled Value Merging Unit.

2. An open-access provision of real-world data sets collected during platform trials to researchers and industry providing a rich set of data for power systems and communication researchers.

3. Development of a HAWKSBI Digital Twin Development Laboratory, capable of emulating the triple-instrument functionality in software useful for research as well as teaching.

4. Publishing research articles, preparing project reports and grant applications

FunderYear wonProjectRole
AITL LIMITED2022PLATOON Transformer Digital Twins (Advanced Infrastructure)Principal Investigator
ProposalProjectRoleFunderStatusStatus last updated
PAK-UK Education Gateway Mobility Partnership for Students PAK-UK Education Gateway Mobility Partnership for Students Co-InvestigatorBritish Council PakistanOPEN In preparationJan 2023
Bi-directional MIMO DC-DC Converter and Control for EV Charging in Renewable and Storage Equipped Smart Grid SystemInnovate smartPrincipal InvestigatorInnovate UK OPEN SubmittedJul 2022
Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Northumbria University

Research collaboration

Third sector
October 2019
Otakies Energy LTD

Research collaboration

August 2020
Prizes, awards, and accolades

Honorary Gold Pledge (Jun 2018)

Frederick University Cyprus

Honorary gold plaque and outstanding achievement award for academic excellence at the Frederick University, Cyprus 2018

PhD Fellowship (Jul 2015)

Erasmus Mundus

Awarded a 36-month Doctoral Scholarship under the Erasmus Mundus LEADERS program by European Union, 2015-2018

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Performance Analysis and Benchmarking of PLL-Driven Phasor Measurement Units for Renewable Energy Systems
Ali, Z., Saleem, K., Brown, R., Christofides, N. and Dudley-Mcevoy, S. (2022). Performance Analysis and Benchmarking of PLL-Driven Phasor Measurement Units for Renewable Energy Systems. Energies. 15 (5), p. e1867.