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Ms Laura Pigott

Physiotherapy, Sports Rehab & Chiropractic

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I was appointed to the lecturer role at the age of 22 and remain the youngest person to become a lecturer in the UK. As of August 2023, I am also the Course Leader for the MSc (pre-reg) Physiotherapy course.

I teach Neuroscience, Physiology and Pathophysiology in the Institute of Health and Social Care. I strive to share my passion for neuroscience and healthcare with everyone. After all, there is so much of the human brain we know nothing about, which to me just means there is so much left to discover. We can all take part in these discoveries.

Alongside academia, I also hold an Honorary Research Position at the Queen Square Institute of Neurology, Department of Brain Sciences. In addition, I am also a Researcher at the Neurophysiology Unit of UCL. My main areas of interest are Cancer Research, Neuropathology, Neural Networks and Neuroplasticity.

During my BSc I authored and presented my research internationally which was what paved the way for my interest in academia and research.

During my MSc in Clinical Neuroscience, I conducted research on the use of Dynamic Contrast-enhanced MRI for the surveillance of patients with post-treatment high-grade gliomas.

My interests lie in determining tumour progression and differentiating disease progression from pseudo-progression. An invaluable difference for cancer treatment and progression, as this will not only help determine treatment efficacy but also true disease development.

Additionally, one of my research focuses is the identification of biomarkers and the prediction of Isocitrate dehydrogenase mutations in patients with Gliomas, whilst utilising advanced neuroimaging techniques and artificial intelligence. The Isocitrate dehydrogenase mutation is one of the most important genetic markers seen in gliomas and has been associated with longer survival rates. It's identification could therefore be imperative for advancing targeted cancer treatments and thus providing patients with a better chance at beating brain cancer.

Lastly, through my research on Epilepsy and Neural Networks, I hope to understand the complicated wiring that makes our up our brain and how this alters in disease. I hope to one day look at the fundamentals of our neuronal connections; I find this particularly interesting as it underpins everything in our being, from how we function to who we are as individuals.

Courses taught

Physiotherapy - MSc (Pre-Registration)

Physiotherapy - BSc (Hons)

Sport Rehabilitation - BSc (Hons)

Sport Rehabilitation - Integrated Masters

Chiropractic - iMSc

Nursing (Neuroscience Care) - MSc

Honorary Researcher
Queen Square Institute of Neurology, UCL

Involved in a variety of research at the Queen Square Neuroimaging Analysis Center on High-grade Gliomas and Advanced Neuroimaging tools.

Key responsibilities include data collection, data analysis, post-processing and MRI image analysis, statistical evaluation of segmentation values, patients assessment and evaluation, literature appraisal, composition of paper

Other public sector
British Neuroscience Association
Health and Care Professions Council
Chartered Society of Physiotherapists
Federation of Neuroscience Societies
University of Hertfordshire
External examiner

As and external examiner for neuroscience modules I have overview of the joint programme of physiotherapy

September 2023

As a Researcher at the Neurophysiology Unit of UCL I look at Epilepsy and its longitudal implications.

Some of my key responsibilities include data collection, data analysis, literature appraisal, and composition of paper

June 2022
Prizes, awards, and accolades

Award of Academic Excellence (Nov 2022)

Metropolitan Colleges

Laura Elin Pigott was awarded for her Excellence in Academic progression and career. Laura gave a speech to graduates of the Metropolitan Colleges about working with Imposter Syndrome and their strongest skill in life, Critical Thinking.

Evidence to public body

Mar 2023

Laura Elin Pigott was a delegate to the United Nations for UN Women UK on the Comission on the Status of Women in 2023.

Her focus for the CSW67 was on Women in STEM, Issues affecting healthcare of women and the future of gender equlity in science and healthcare. Laura also explored issues relating to gender equality in higher education and how digital spaces affects issues of equality.

Apr 2023

Laura Elin Pigott delivered seminars two seminars at the Metropolitan Colleges of Greece.


Human Development: How do we become who we are?

Brain Cancer: Where are we now and can we win this war?

May 2023

Laura Elin Pigott delivers talks on Neuroscience with Seed Talks to members of the public.

She is currently running a talk on 'The Science of Neuroplasticity'

Laura believes everyone should have the access to understand their mind and the fundamentals underpinning each of us as individuals

Reach and Impact

Interview with Laura Elin Pigott The UK’s youngest lecturer (Sep 2022)

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The role of Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI perfusion imaging in post treatment surveillance of patients with high grade gliomas
Pigott, L., Mancini, L. and Bisdas, S. (2022). The role of Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI perfusion imaging in post treatment surveillance of patients with high grade gliomas. 2nd International Rehabilitation Conference. Athens, Greece 04 - 05 Nov 2022

The effectiveness of neural mobilization of the sciatic nerve - straight leg raise position and passive static stretching for the range of motion of the knee joint
Pigott, L., Pechlivanidou, N., Machrama, S., Tzimiri, D., Anastasopoulos, K., Papaevanggelou, K., Kotzamanidou, M., Kassimis, K., Agas, K. and Misailidou, V. (2020). The effectiveness of neural mobilization of the sciatic nerve - straight leg raise position and passive static stretching for the range of motion of the knee joint. 1st International Rehabilitation Conference. Athens Feb - Mar 2020