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I am Stuart Lutimba, a computational biologist vividly interested in understanding bio molecular interactions within cancers, specifically neuroblastoma. My expertise lies in designing predictive models through the application of biophysical techniques like molecular dynamics docking. Through these approaches I delve into the realms of structure, function, and mechanisms underlying these interactions to enhance the development of novel lead/drug compounds or optimize repurposed lead compounds.

My research, enterprise, and external activities are centered on my profound passion for unraveling the complex bio-molecular interactions that underlie cancer, with a specific focus on neuroblastoma.

In my professional journey, I have specialized in the development of cutting-edge predictive models. These models leverage advanced biophysical techniques, most notably molecular dynamics docking, to simulate and scrutinize the dynamic behaviors of biological molecules at the atomic level. This approach allows me to gain invaluable insights into the intricate ways in which these molecules interact and influence each other within the complex cellular environment.

A significant portion of my work is devoted to structural biology. I meticulously analyze the three-dimensional structures of key biomolecules that play pivotal roles in cancer progression. I delve into their conformations, interactions, and the underlying forces that govern these interactions. This comprehensive analysis enables me to achieve a deep understanding of the mechanisms driving cancer development, including neuroblastoma.

My research is not confined to theoretical exploration alone; I actively bridge the gap between theory and application. By uncovering the structural and functional intricacies of bio-molecular interactions, I contribute to the development of novel lead compounds for potential cancer therapies. Additionally, I work on optimizing existing lead compounds for repurposing in the ongoing battle against cancer. This translational aspect of my work aligns with my overarching goal of improving patient outcomes and making meaningful contributions to cancer research.

Courses taught

Biomedical Sciences - BSc (Hons)

Bachelor's Degree of science in Biotechnology

Makerere University | Kampala, Uganda

Master's Degree of Science in Molecular Biotechnology

University of Skövde | Skövde Sweden

Research Assistant
National Tsing Hua Univeristy | Taiwan

Top Science Bioitechnologies Inc. | Taiwan