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My expertise is in digital manufacturing with focus computational design, DfAM, development of advanced materials through robotic manufacturing using non standard materials such as ultra polymers and composites.

Through subtractive and additive robotic manufacturing, I develop the possibility of directly fabricating building components designed expanding the AEC industry.

Using robotics and automation to break typical constraints and solves common problems, for instance by implementing digital workflow in manufacturing embedded with the design process itself with integration of new materials.

Most recently, I collaborated with the European Space Agency for the development of 3D printed planetary habitat.

I am an Associate Professor in Architecture and Digital Manufacturing at London South Bank University with over 15 years of experience in digital manufacturing and robotics.

Graduated from Architectural Association in London, I trained as an architect working for Dame Zaha Hadid with focus in digital manufacturing processes in construction. In 2013, I secured a fund of £400k from HEFCE for the creation of the Digital Architecture and Robotics Lab (DARLAB) with the scope to examine the changes for architectural production with robotic manufacturing.

As founding director of DARLAB, I have developed consultancy projects for Volkswagen, Astana Energy Expo, Ars Electronica, SCM Group, Veolia, Dyson and Southwark Council exploring research topics Design for Additive Manufacturing, Circular Manufacturing, Large Scale Reinforced Polymer Structures and Robotic Advanced Manufacturing.

In 2018 received a grant from the Knowledge Exchange & Embed Partnership (KEEP+) with Titan Reality Ltd funded by EU Horizon 2020 for the development of a digital manufacturing workflow for immersive acoustic surfaces through robotics fabrication process.

In 2021, the project SCRAM - Sustainable Construction through Robotic Additive Manufacturing - was awarded from EPSRC UKMSN+ to develop a digital work flow using robotics additive manufacturing, machine learning and topology optimization for production of large scale 3D printed protypes in order to demonstrate the potential of recycled based polymers in the AEC industry.

Recent research outputs of the field of robotic additive manufacturing will include a prestigious collaboration with the European Space Agency, Directorate of Human and Robotic Exploration, for the development of robotic 3D printed planetary habitat using reinforced recycled polymers.

Currently I am CoPI in a research grant for UK Innovate research for the development of circular cementitious products embedding additive manufacturing workflow and in Royal Society research grant for the developing modular interlocking bricks and blocks with the entire waste reuse model in Nigeria and UK.

I am Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and my work has been published, exhibited internationally including Salone del Mobile, Wired, Domus, Royal Academy Summer Show and Italian Trade Agency.

Courses taught

Architecture - MArch

Architecture - PhD

Architect Apprenticeship (Architecture MArch)

Postgraduate Research Supervision
Mr Shahzada Danyal SultanDoctoral Research ProjectPhD

Awarded in the last 5 years
Mr Saam KavianiBiomimetic Building Skin Development: Evolutionary Designed Building Skins with Embedded Biomimetic Adaptation BehavioursPhD
LSBU Panel Review TrainingPhD
AA Diploma

Architectural Association


Architects Registration Bureau

FunderYear wonProjectRole
Innovate UK 2023SBRI: Net Zero heat and power upgrades for demand reduction phase 1Co-Investigator
Connected Everything Network2023Connected EverythingPrincipal Investigator
University College of Estate Management2022 Social, Economic, and Environmental Evaluation of Adopting Digital Manufacturing for Circularity in Cementitious ProductsCo-Investigator
Royal Society2022Developing modular interlocking bricks and blocks with the entire waste reuse model in Nigeria and UKCo-Investigator
UK Manufacturing Symbiosis Network Plus2021SCRAM – Sustainable Construction through Robotic Additive ManufacturingPrincipal Investigator
Veolia UK2020Veolia UKPrincipal Investigator
Dyson2020Robotic Testing and Product DevelopmentPrincipal Investigator
Southwark Council2020Recycle Your CityPrincipal Investigator
Southwark Council2017Sci068_BEA_other_Southwark Council_Manufacturing a sign extensionPrincipal Investigator
Southwark Council2016Sci036_BEA_other_Southwark Council_Manufacturing a signPrincipal Investigator
ARS Electronica2016Sci035_Bea_Cons_ARS Electronica_Berlin trade show supportPrincipal Investigator
Quayola2017Sci_069_Quayola_RoboticSculpturesExpoPrincipal Investigator
Soundisplay2017KE125_Soundisplay Limited IUKPrincipal Investigator
Soundisplay2019KE119_KTP_Titan Reality_20092017Principal Investigator
ProposalProjectRoleFunderStatusStatus last updated
PSL2324-0451 - Smart Drainage Maintenance System (SDMS)Smart Drainage Maintenance System (SDMS)Co-InvestigatorInnovate UK OPEN Approved for submissionJul 2024
PSL2324-0284 - BSRIA consultancy projectBSRIA consultancy projectPrincipal InvestigatorBSRIA LimitedOPEN Approved for submissionMar 2024
Make Architects- Federico Rossi new projectMake Architects- Federico Rossi new projectPrincipal InvestigatorMake ArchitectsOPEN In preparationAug 2023
Robotic Testing and Product DevelopmentRobotic Testing and Product DevelopmentPrincipal InvestigatorDysonOPEN Approved for submissionSep 2020
Recycle Your CityRecycle Your CityPrincipal InvestigatorSouthwark CouncilOPEN Approved for submissionOct 2020
KE119_KEEP_Titan Reality_20092017 (proposal)KE119_KTP_Titan Reality_20092017Principal InvestigatorSoundisplayOPEN Approved for submissionFeb 2019
The Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce
Journal of Rapid Manufacturing (IJRAPIDM)
External examiner

Paper peer reviewer

Additive Manufacturing, Design for AM

July 2017
Prizes, awards, and accolades

RA Summer Show - project selected (Jun 2016)

Royal Academy of Arts

The Summer Exhibition, now in its 248th year, is the world’s largest exhibition, and has taken place annually since 1769. Every year thousands of entrants submit works of art and media in all mediums including; painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, architecture and film.

The event is a great platform for emerging artists, household names and successful artists to come together. Entries to the Exhibition are narrowed down, by a team of Royal Academicians, to 1,000 works for the final show.

Federico’s ‘Woodstream’ has been selected amongst 12,000 submissions for the Exhibition in the section of Architecture. Woodstream is a three-dimensional structure that expresses the complexity of surfaces and volumes using a six-axes machining processes.

The sculpture in scale 1:10 represents the conceptual model of the sculpture developed in collaboration with SCM Group, using complex milling algorithms where the design meets digital fabrication to replace completely hand crafting techniques.

Federico said: “I’m extremely happy to be a part of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, especially with a design that reflects the research and projects currently underway in the Digital Architecture and Robotic Lab at London South Bank University.

“The project was developed using advanced milling techniques with the aim of producing different geometry conditions. The result is Woodstream, a sinuous fluid sculpture where you can read the toolpath from the digital manufacturing process.

“Woodstream is product of a lot of hard work and a lot of experimenting. Now that it’s complete it’s a privilege to be given the opportunity to share this work and knowledge with people at the Exhibition.”

ECC - Time Space Existence 2021
Rossi, F. (2021). ECC - Time Space Existence 2021.

Investigating local buckling in highly slender elliptical hollow sections through analysis of 3D-printed analogues
McCann, F. and Rossi, F. (2020). Investigating local buckling in highly slender elliptical hollow sections through analysis of 3D-printed analogues. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Coupled Instabilities in Metal Structures. Lodz University of Technology, Poland 13 - 15 Jul 2020

An Introduction to DARLAB – Digital Architecture and Robotic Lab
Rossi, F. (2020). An Introduction to DARLAB – Digital Architecture and Robotic Lab. LSBU’s Sustainability & Climate Action Event Series 2020. London South Bank University

Ever Growth
Rossi, F. (2017). Ever Growth. in: Federico, R (ed.) The Italian Stone Theatre Marmomac 2017 Italy Editoriale Domus S.P.A..

London South Bank University
Murray, L. and Rossi, F. (2021). London South Bank University. in: Time Space Existence 2021 Venice, Italy ECC Italy.

Fibre Wonder
Rossi, F. Rossi, F. (ed.) (2018). Fibre Wonder. London DARLAB Publishing.

Mechanical Properties of PVC Concrete and Mortar Modified with Silane Coupling Agents
Z.Pan, J. Chen, Q. zhan, S. Wang, Jin, R., Shamass, R. and Rossi, F. (2022). Mechanical Properties of PVC Concrete and Mortar Modified with Silane Coupling Agents. Construction and Building Materials. 348, p. 128574.

Comparative Analyses of Circularity Practices in Civil and Construction Engineering Between UK and Nigeria
Olonade, K.A., Shamass, R., McCann, F., Abiodun, Y.O, Jin, R. and Rossi, F. (2023). Comparative Analyses of Circularity Practices in Civil and Construction Engineering Between UK and Nigeria. NanoWorld Journal. 9 (2), pp. 485-491.

Evolutionary Designed Building Skins with Embedded Biomimetic Adaptation Lessons
Kaviani, S., Kaluarachchi Nartallo, Y., Rossi, F. and Ofori, G. (2022). Evolutionary Designed Building Skins with Embedded Biomimetic Adaptation Lessons. The 45th Australasian Universities Building Education Association Conference. Western Sydney University, Australia 23 - 25 Nov 2022 Western Sydney University.

Developing a circular economy in recycled polymer construction materials
McCann, F., Sultan, S., John, H., Udeaja, C., Jin, R., Rossi, F. and Gillich, A. (2021). Developing a circular economy in recycled polymer construction materials. Proceedings of Centre for the Integrated Delivery of the Built Environment (IDoBE) on Uncertainties in the Built Environment: How can we build a resilient future in the new normal?. . LSBU, London. UK 21 - 23 Nov 2021 London South Bank University.